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Personal Statement 


" My paintings are based on everyday objects. I work from life, in front of the form, and close observation is central to my practice. The objects I paint are everyday things, often organic forms from the garden or allotment. The space around the subject, the space in the painting itself, becomes a sort of stage, and the painting develops through the rigorous finding of the spatial relationships and forms across the picture.

The experience of being involved with the close observation of the subject over a period of time, gives the objects a weight and character of their own. The concentrated focus on looking becomes a meditation on space, colour, form and line giving particular significance to the object."

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1978-81     Fine Art Degree

                  Camberwell School of  Art


1977          Byam Shaw School of Art


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023      Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford

             Objective Beauty

2022      Tregony Gallery, Cornwall

2021      Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford.

                 Drawing with Colour

20-21    New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

2019      Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford.

                   From Where I Stand.

               Jerram Gallery, Dorset,

               with Malcolm Ashman RBA  

2011-   Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford

2009      Het Cleyne Huys, Den Haag,


                with Michiel Schrijver

1994-05   Solomon Gallery


1993-96   Cadogan Contemporary


1992-19   New Ashgate Gallery


1988-90   Austin Desmond Fine Art


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023       Assemble 23, Tregony Gallery


2022      Assemble 22,

              Tregony Gallery


              Jerram Gallery 


2021      Assemble 21

              Tregony Gallery

               SPG Annual Exhibition

              Piers Feetham Gallery,


              Tregony Gallery


              Jerram Gallery


              Josie Eastwood


2020      Assemble 20

              Tregony Gallery


               Best of British,

               The Gallery

               Holt, Norfolk

               SPG Annual Exhibition,

               Piers Feetham Gallery


2019       Assemble, Tregony Gallery,


               Contemporary Artists

                Belgrave St Ives



               Tregony Gallery,



                Highgate Contemporary Art


                Josie Eastwood Fine Art


2018        Garden Exhibition

                Sarah Wiseman Gallery


2015-18   Tregony Gallery, Cornwall

                Belgrave St ives, Cornwall

                Eastwood Fine Art,  Hants

                Jerram Gallery, Dorset

                Sarah Wiseman Gallery


2015        40 Years of Painting,


                Students and Teachers

                St Ives, Cornwall

2014        Still life Exhibition,

                Jerram Gallery, Dorset  

2011        Painters and Potters

                New Ashgate Gallery


2010        Still-life and Landscape

                Seascape Gallery, Surrey

Selected Open Exhibitions

2023         RBA, Mall Galleries, London

               NEAC, Mall Galleries, London

2022        RBA, Mall Galleries, London

               ROI, Mall Galleries, London

               NEAC, Mall Galleries, London

2021        RBA, Mall Galleries, London

                 ROI, Mall Galleries, London

2020       RBA, Mall Galleries, London

                 ROI, Mall Galleries, London

2019         RBA, Mall Galleries, London

                 NEAC, Mall Galleries, London

2015-18    RBA Mall Galleries

                  ROI  Mall Galleries

                  NEAC Mall Galleries

2015/10     Discerning Eye

                  Mall Galleries

2012/97    Jerwood Drawing


2008/9      Art for Youth, Oxford

1998         Artist and Model

                 Bishops Palace,



                  Contemporary Art Collection

                  AIB, Dublin

                  Many private collections UK and abroad


2023       Frinton Frames Award Winner at the RBA Exhibition

2022       Elected as a full member of the Royal Institute of Oil                   Painters

2021       Elected as an associate member of the

              Royal Institute of Oil Painters

2020       Elected as a member of the 

               Small Paintings Group

2019        Elected as a member of

               Royal Society of British Artists 

2019        Gordon Hulson Memorial


                RBA Exhibition

1986         Winner

                W&N Young Artist Award

                ROI Exhibition

1985        Finalist

                W&N Young Artists Award

                ROI Exhibition

1981         3rd prize

                Magnolia National Landscape



2018 October: The Artist Magazine

2017 September: Artist and Illustrator

2016 You Tube: Interview

         A Closer Look

2015 January: Discover Art

2010 December:Artist and Illustrator

2010 November: Saturday Times

        Dictionary of British Art

        20thCentury Painters and Sculptors

Teaching and Workshops

2024 Colour and Light in Oil Painting:

         looking at the work of Pierre Bonnard

        Online course with Winslow Art Center


2023  Morandi, the master of stillness

         with, hampshire

        Form through Colour

        online course with Winslow Art Center

2022 The Presence of Flowers

        An online oil painting workshop

         with Winslow art Center

         Painting Flowers with Oil Paint

         Hampshire Art Studio

        Sunningwell School of Art

2021 Colour and Form in Oil painting

         online course with

        Winslow Art Center

        Bainbridge Island

         Washington, USA

2019  A Closer Look at Colour

         Hampshire Art Studio

2019  Art Unbound

         Painswick Rococco Gardens

2018  On Form Exhibition Workshop

         Week long workshop, 

         En Olivier, France

2014   onwards


         Sunningwell School of Art

2012-15 Demonstrator

            Art in Action

           Waterperry, Oxon

2012-15 Workshops

             Art in Action

           Waterperry, Oxon

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